It is no secret that entrepreneurs often find themselves traveling for the benefit of their business ventures. However, it is important to note that this time is not taken lightly or used to rest. Instead, many entrepreneurs utilize the time they spend traveling to keep their minds sharp and focused on their goals — something that is often achieved through reading, watching prominent speakers’ videos, and even listening to podcasts.

With that in mind, let us take a deeper look at the best podcasts for entrepreneurs:

The Tim Ferriss Show

This particular podcast has been deemed the number one business podcast on several occasions — and for good reason. Not only does Ferriss do a stellar job of analyzing the life, times, and trials of the average, modern businessperson, but he also does so with a fresh and spontaneous perspective — meaning his audience never truly knows what to expect. If such a show intrigues you, be sure to tune in on his website.

Success! How I Did It

This podcast provides entrepreneurs with the background and a subsequently deeper understanding of their favorite CEOs, leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs. Hosted by Alyson Shontell, How I Did It is bound to intrigue entrepreneurs of every industry, especially as it provides listeners with a relatively broad and relatable perspective of success and the ladder to it.

The Payoff By Mic

Spearheaded by Antonia Cereijido and Chris Duffy, this podcast is known for clarifying the relationship entrepreneurs have with money. Not only do the hosts provide detailed breakdowns of how entrepreneurs should save and spend money, but they also delve into the deeper topics of how legislation and other economic and political factors impact one’s finances. This podcast is truly the perfect tool for entrepreneurs of all industries and levels of experience.

The Economist: Babbage

Led by an admirer of Charles Babbage, the grandfather of computing himself The Economist: Babbage proves to be a useful tool for those interested in technology and its impact on our society and its businesses. The show’s host, Kenneth Cukier, covers the ways in which technology, policy, technology, and culture all overlap — a fact that is incredibly vital to the very core of up-and-coming businesses.

Evidently, great value can be found in these podcasts. That being said, it would benefit you to incorporate them into your daily routine, rather than saving them to simply pass the time while you are traveling.